William Kernell
William Kernell
Movietone Music Corp.
Three On A Honeymoon
From the Fox Picture "3 On A Honeymoon."

Voice of romance is calling,
Ladies in numbers apalling are falling in love.

In the market place Thru' the busy day
Arab merchants cry their wares
Samples they're displaying.
When the sun is setting Faithful sons of Allah
Kneel and pray As the day
Softly steals away
Night is the friend of passion
Oriental fashion.

Soft desert nights
Call to the harem scarem
When the moon's above
They're searching for love
Sheiks fight for weeks
Hoping to win their cutie
In the search for harem beauty and love
Those adorable maidens glancing,
While they're dancing In a bit of lace,
Shyly giggle, As they wiggle in the market place.
What a race!
Soft desert nights