Sgt. Paul Reif
William L. Russell
Also submitted by Lloyd F. Pitman, Preble, NY, and Edward Peters, Victorsville, CA.

The original was published in YANK and "The Stars and Stripes" in slightly different forms. Additional verses were submitted in response to a letter to the Editor of VFW Magazine.
See "Gertie from Bizerte" for the civilian version.

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte,
Hid a mousetrap 'neath her skirtie,
Strapped it to her kneecap purty,
Baited it with Fleur de Flirte,
Made her boy friends' fingers hurty,
Made her boy friends most alerte!
She was voted in Bizerte,
Miss Latrine for 1930.

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte
Saw the Captain, made ze flirty,
Captain zink she verra purty,
Lose his watch and lose his shirty,
Call ze general alerte.
The gendarmes look for Dirty Gertie
From Casablanc' to Gulf of Sirte,
Haz any one seen Dirty Gertie?

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte
Roll zee eyes and make ze flirty,
Wears no chemise and wears no skirty,
Wears wan veil and wan night-shirtie.
All ze soldats in Bizerte
Vant to meet wiz zis here Gertie,
Drink ze toast to Dirty Gertie.
Vas wan cute keed when she's zirty!

b.Submitted by David O. Gronen, Epworth, IA

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte,
Matress cover for a shirte,
Put a mouse trap up her skirte,
Made her boy friends fingers hurte,
Made her boy friends quite alerte.

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte,
Sprayed herself with fleur-de-flirte,
Made her GI friends deserte,
Made the MPs all asserte,
They'd nab this Gertie from Bizerte.

Ref: History of the 47th Infantry Regiment

c. Submitted by Lloyd D. Fletcher, Bentley, KS

Dirty Gertie from Bizerte,
Hid a mousetrap 'neath her skirte,
Tied it to her kneecap purty,
Made her boy friends fingers hurte,
Made her boy friends most alerte,

d. Submitted by Joseph Ryan, Blauvelt, NY

She was christened in Bizerte,
Miss Latrine of nineteen-thirty,
And when she ran for Miss Latrine,
The judges called for Atabrine [the malaria treatment].