Irving Berlin
Youssein Davair
Irving Berlin
Mr. President
From the musical comedy "Mr. President" with Robert Ryan and Nanette Fabray. It is sung by Youssein Davair, son of the president of a Middle Eastern country working in the Washington embassy, to Leslie, daughter of the American president in his palace apartment. "Unknown to them the apartment has been bugged by the CIA" and Leslie's Secret Service agent, Pat Gregory, is listening to the conversation. In the second act Leslie will reject Youssein in favor of her Secret Service agent.

See also: "Is He The Only Man In The World" from the same show.

Don't be afraid of romance,
Don't be so frightened,
Come on take a chance,
Don't stop to question is this the real thing,
Don't be afraid to let go,
Don't run away till you know
Romance is best while you're young,
That's when the sweetest of love songs are sung,
That's when your day-dreams are filled with moonlight
Don't be afraid when you start.
You have nothing to lose
But your heart.