Pierre Cambiaire
Irving J. Miller

Ah, daughter fair of Pharaoh,
Let us row down the great Nile to Cairo;
There in the shadow of the Sphynx
Who never ever blinks or winks.
While Allah great and the prophet smile
To the golden waves of the river Nile;
I'll be your love if you'll be mine,
While the rays of the oriental crescent shine.

For you and I in a green canoe
Happily and merrily will row,
Till we reach the wondrous sea
And the waves roll near you and me,
No other love will we know,
We willfear no gales that may tear our sails,
Winds will blow so sweetly and low,
Little girl from the banks of the Nile,
Like the rainbow in the sky is your smile.
Let us row, drift and go
Down the Nile to old Cairo.

Let us row down the river Nile,
On the way we will pass close to a dreamy isle;
There is a spring of water where
The Ibis come to drink by pair,
At dusk when soft southern breezes blow,
And the twinkling stars in their brilliance glow;
When pretty river fairies croon,
You and I will dream looking at the silver moon.