Otis A. Kline
Chas. Johnson Co., Rock Falls, Ill.

Down in Egypt land The Egyptian band
Plays a lovin' dance, It's simply grand.
You'd ought to hear Those trombones rip
And while they play Nile maidens gay
Come and do that dance All night and day,
That dance they call the Egyptian Dip.

Each little crocodile begins to smirk and smile,
The big Sphinx winks at them all the while,
The camels stamp and the horses champ
While the mummies mumble in their shrouds so damp,
The sacred Ibis rolls his sacred eyes
The Scarab beetle scares the flighty flies
The pyramids begin to slide and slip
When they play that Egyptian
Oh! that Egyptian
Ripping Egyptian Dip.

When the English ginks Come to see the Sphinx
See them do that dance; Each rounder thinks
He's out at sea On a wabbly [sic] ship
They go home and tell Every English belle
Learn to do that dance, It's simple swell
They're dippy 'bout That Egyptian Dip.