W. G. McCorristen
W. G. McCorristen
The "Egyptian" in this song is a variant on "gypsy" with the meaning of "humorous," hence has nothing to do with the Middle East. This is further confirmed by the phonetic German in v. 2 [="Machst nichts aus"] and perhaps explains why Balmer and Weber Music House, St. Louis, published the piece.

O when our days work is done
Then we'll go and have some fun.
A jolly band of drummers we,
Always light, and gay, and free.
That's my motion, that's my motion
With a scientific movement of the heel and toe,
Happy band of drummers!
Happy band of drummers where'er we go.

Through heat and cold, rains, dust and snow,
We gay drummers have to go.
Business good or bus'ness bum
"Mox nix ouse," we're in for fun.
That's my motion....

Some folks say say that a drummer won't work;
But Inever saw one that tried to shirk.
Always up and on the go
Ev'ry day to his firm must make a show.
That's my motion....