Chas. E. Soutiea
Robt. R. Winter
Syndicate Music Co.

Far off on the dreamy river Nile,
There lives my Egyptian maid
She has all the rainbows winning smile
While her cheeks will never fade
Although I am many miles away
I promised I'd come back some day
When my caravan is on its way
Then I will sing to her this lay.

Egyptian maid, Egyptian maid,
You are always near me, dear
Both night and day
I hear you say
Come back some day
'Cross the desert sands,
To Egyptian lands,
to your Egyptian maid.

Far off back across the deep blue sea
I heard all your tender pleas
Some day I'll come back to you, my Love,
Back dear, to our desert home,
You are the Ideal of all my dreams
I've loved you forever it seems,
Soon dear by that dreamy river Nile
Soon I will have you all the while.