Jimmie V. Monaco
Joe McCarthy
Elizabeth Murray
Leo. Feist, Inc.
The cover announces "Elizabeth Murray's Novelty Song Hit!"

In our town lived a girlie named Fatima Brown,
She used to dance night and day, light and gay,
Oh, she certainly was slick,
she had the kick.
But one day came a sporty actor 'round our way,
He promised he would marry her,
then he carried her off,
the horrid thing,
Now this same Fatima Brown
is the rage of New York Town. But

Oh, how she has changed,
She used to dance the butterfly,
Gracefully she'd kick so high;
Now she dances the seven veils,
But six veils must be shy,
O-o-o! If the home folks knew,
Why they'll all come sneakin',
even bring the deacon down to town,
She flitters here, she flitters there,
Flitters almost everywhere,
And you have to hold tight to your chair,
when you see Fatima Brown.

Years ago, when Fatima started with her show,
She used to dance very mild, she was wild,
When she found she didn't go,
She was a crow.
Bye and bye, funny little movements she would try,
She found the men admired her and inspired her so,
The rest you know.
Now she almost shakes the earth,
and you get your money's worth. But