Max Witt
Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York & Detroit
The lyric reads "Paradies," not "Paradise."
"Pony" sounds more Amerindian than Arabic.

Slowly a noble Arab chief was riding
The sun above him brightly burned
While he yearned for Fatimah fair
The charming maiden he was seeking
And yet he hardly dared be speaking
In tender words the love he felt in his heart for her
So he upon his saddle, wrote a message
And then gave the little note that he wrote to his horse, so true,
In all the desert none was faster
The pony took it from his master
Then swiftly o'er the desert sand to the maiden ran
Bearing these words of love:

Meet me tonight my dark eyes Dove, Fatimah,
While the stars are bright in skies above, Fatimah,
Learn the delight of fondest love, Fatimah,
Life here with you, dear, a Paradies will be.

Gladly the charming Oriental maiden
Upon the pony quickly sprang,
While she sang in her heart a song
A song of passion never dying
Across the desert sand a flying
The pony bore her to the love that she longed to know.
Bolder her lover grew and fondly told her
That story sweet, that’s never old, tho' 'twas told when the world began
Beneath the desert moonlight tender
She gave herself in sweet surrender
And found the path to Paradies,
While the starlit skies echo her lover’s song: