Nat Goldstein
M. J. Gunsky
Adrian-Reece, Inc., San Francisco
If the speaker is supposed to be a Muslim, it seems unlikely he would address his love as a goddess.

Destiny calls to me
Calls me over the desert to thee;
Bids me wait until fate
Bids thee list to my love-laden plea.
Here beside the desert gate
For my queen-to-be I'll wait.

Fair goddess of the Nile
You have made a captive of me;
I linger all the while
Just to hear you say you love me;
The mellow moonlight seems
Bent on stealing from your splendor;
Oh love declare you'll surrender
The magic of the night
(With its bright tropic light)
Adds attraction to your beauty,
You are the Paradise for which I sigh;
Bid me to wait in hope for you, dear,
Fair goddess, for you I crave;
Forever your slave am I.

Goddess mine, most divine,
Let my pathway forever be thine;
Let thy heart and my heart,
Like the vines 'neath your window entwine.
Promise that you'll love but me,
And I'll love no one but thee.