F. Kinsey Peile
Chappell & Co.
The Belle of Cairo
Song No. 7 (and 22: Finale) from "The Belle of Cairo."

We're three gay things out on a spree,
Having left our dear relations;
We're all as bright as bright can be,
Striving after new sensations.
There's a deal to see, and a deal to pay,
Attractions quaint and rummy,
From the Pyramids to a Houri gay,
From the Sphinx to Setis' mummy.

Good old Cairo,
Jolly old Cairo,
Full of frolic and fun!
Quaint old Cairo,
Ancient Cairo,
Under the burning sun!
With eyes so bright,
With laughter light,
We'll be jolly girls, what d'ye say?
On this Bank holiday,
We'll have a jolly day,
Cairo's the place for play!

You should see me when I walk with Pa,
My piercing eye does ever keep
A guard on him, if he strays too far,
Lest he should try and have a peep
At some young and stately lady fair,
With a well developed "figger;"
With a childlike face and golden hair,
And her waist sixteen, not bigger!