Lillian Lewin Hennes
M. M. Cole Pub. Co.
In the third line of the chorus "Yai" should be "Yah."

The title sounds more like stereotypical Amerindinian chant than Arabian.

Back in the days of Arabian nights,
there lived a desert man of great romance,
Who taught this desert clan to do a dance
And ev'ry day and night they'd do or die
For it was his delight to hear them cry. Hai!

Dance to a thousand tunes,
Dance for a thousand moons,
you'll have to dance "Hai-Yah Yai[sic] Yah."
You'll hear the jungle chant
"Hai Yah Yah Yah Yah!"
You'll see the Orient
"Hai Yah Yah Yah Yah!"
Back in the olden days
It used to be the craze
E'ry one danced to "Hai Yah Yah Yah!"
No matter what you do
It keeps on haunting you
"Hai Yah Hai Yah Yah Yah!"