Harold Weeks
Echo Music Pub. Co., Seattle, Wash.

Haidee, Haidee, Persian maid divine,
I have read of you, Monte Cristo, too,
Haidee, Haidee, I'm in live with you,
And like Monte Cristo I'll be true.

Haidee mine I yearn for your sweet caresses,
My Persian beauty with a heart so true,
Altho' Monte Cristo was plucky,
He was lucky too,
When he won the love of such a girl as you.
I'll always hold you and enfold you in my fancy,
In ev'ry dream I seem to see your eyes divine,
I hope some day I may discover you in another,
Gentle Oriental Haidee mine.

Haidee, Haidee, Persian maiden fair,
How I long to share Love like yours so rare,
Haidee, Haidee, I would beg and steal,
If by doing so I'd make you real.