Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.
Arabian Nights

In dreams I never spend my time alone,
He comes to me whenever I'm alone,
There could be no dream without him,
His smile is quickly recognizable,
His flashing eyes are undisguisable,
Let me tell you all about him:

The one whom I call The Hero Of All My Dreams
Is handsome and tall, The Hero Of All My Dreams
He's far from imaginary,
No storybook prince is he,
Still my hero is legendary to me,
Wherever I go as long as I know he's near,
I'll feel no alarm, I'll come to no harm,
I've nothing to fear,
If someone should try to keep us apart,
He'll fly to my side and rescue my heart,
Then all through the night how wonderfully right it seems,
There with the one whom I call
The Hero Of All My Dreams.