Steve Earle
Esquared, LLC/Sheriden Square Entertainment LLC
This song recounts the feelings of a civilian contract truck driver in Iraq who was lured to the job by the high pay, but has to endure the daily threats of attack from the insurgents.

The "Bradley" in v.1 is an armored personnel carrier. The R.P. G. in v.2 is a rocket propelled grenade, a favorite round of the insurgents. The "radio handle" is the trucker's CB identification name.

When I pulled out of Basra they all wished me luck
Just like they always did before
With a bulletproof screen on the hood of my truck
And a Bradley on my back door
And I wound her up and shifted her down
And I offered this prayer to my lord
I said,"God get me back home to Houston alive
and I won't drive a truck anymore."

Early in the mornin' and I'm rollin' fast
Haulin' nine thousand gallons of high test gas
Sergeant on the radio hollerin' at me
Look out up ahead here come a R.P.G.
If I ever get home to Houston alive
Then I won't drive a truck anymore

I've driven the big rigs for all of my life
And my radio handle's "Train"
Down steep mountain roads on the darkest of nights
I had ice water in my veins
And I come over here 'cause I just don't care
Now I'm older and wiser by far
If I ever get home to Houston alive
Than I won't drive a truck any more

Great God Almighty what was wrong with me
I know the money's good but buddy can't you see
You can't take it with you and that ain't no lie
I don't wanna let 'em get me I'm too young to die
If I ever get home to Houston alive
Then I won't drive a truck any more