Cathy Kinsman
Media Master Publishing, Oakville, Ont.
Written in response to the failed mission to rescue the hostages in the American Embassy, Teheran.

Across the sea
flew the iron birds
to free their family,
Across the sand
they entered in
to a very dangerous land,
How could they know
the wicked wind would start to blow,
And the desert thought to be their friend
would be the one to bring them to their end.

What was it for?
The iron birds lay
Dying on the desert floor.
Much worse than that,
Their masters will never
Be coming back.

Damn you, who took
Our men away, What
Have all of you to say?
Oh what is this,
Some foreign pride!
For having killed
And lied. You lied!

From the Eagle's nest,
Let it be known that
We will never rest
Until the day
When at our call
They fly free away.