F. Kinsey Peile
Chappell & Co.
The Belle of Cairo
Finale to Act I of "The Belle of Cairo."

Allah Akbah
It is the solemn hour of pray'r,
The sun is setting low;
Allah Akbah
From minaret the "Muezzin" calls
The faithful here below
Allah Akbah
To bow the knee to Mecca far
In pious orison,
Until the sun his goldne bar
Sinks 'neath the horizon.
Allah Akbar

I pray now that your love
May last for evermore;
I pray that from above
A ray from Heaven's door
May light you, guard you, lead you,
May protect you on your way,
Until our hair is silver'd,
Until we are old and grey.

The silent night creeps on apace,
The stars peep one by one
Allah Akbah
The moon her silver splendour sheds
Her course is now begun.
Allah Akbah
Be thou my star, my heav'nly guide,
To make my pathway clear,
I'll be thy bride whate'er betide,
Though death itself be near.
Allah Akbah