Walter L. Rosemont
Darl MacBoyle
Orpheus Music Co., New York
An Arabian Night

Now I've loved the girls in my time by the score,
The first of them was Adele,
Then coy little Mabel I learned to adore,
She'd held me awhile in her spell.
I then gave my love to entrancing Irene,
I met her one night at the ball;
And next in my heart Annette was queen,
My life, my love, my all.
Then Francis came along,
And made my life a song,
Till sweet Marie, she smiled on me,
And joined the happy throng.

I've got to have the girls,
Give me the lovely girls,
The short and the tall,
The large and the small,
Oh, how I love them all!
Keep all your shining gold,
Your diamonds and all your pearls,
You can take them away,
Not a word I will say,
But I've got to have the girls.

Old Omar, he sang of a jug and a book,
And great was the joy that he found,
But each little hour that he spent in a nook,
He'd always have someone around.
I rather suspect when he spoke of a "Thou,"
A sweet little girl's what he meant;
As he used to be, So I am now,
When I'm on pleasure bent.
They've always seemed to be
My one necessity,
I never care if dark or fair,
They all look good to me.