Gene Williams
Gene McCarthy
Lawrence Wright Music Co., London

Captive and bound rides and Arab maid across the desert sand,
Tears fill her eyes, but her bold captor cries,
"Have no fear of sword nor spear;
'Tis written in the stars sbove that shine,
That fate has made you mine."

In my caravan, your Arab man
Will watch o'er you,
'Neath desert stars above
I'll whisper softly to you my love;
And when the dawn breaks in the sky,
Just you and I start life anew;
Love's magic sway, we'll both obey,
Then side by side, my Arab bride,
Far out yonder we will wander
In my caravan, we two.

Daylight is dying and neath the palms
The caravan must rest.
His captive maid is no longer afraid,
In her heart her love's confessed;
And as he folds her gently to his side,
He cries, "My Arab Bride!"