Nat Osborne
Ballard Macdonald
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.
Cover Artist
The number of wives is typically exagerated (to 15 in this case).

The belly dance is compared with the shimmy, where the shoulders and upper torso are moved.

If of life you find you're growing weary,
And things are dreary,
Come join my caravan
For I know a spot on earth that's cheery,
I'll take you for a visit to Soudan.

In Soudan, In Soudan, Maidens wearing lucky charms,
Lie around beneath the palms,
And your troubles fly away, The minute they start to sway,
In Soudan, They have fifteen wives to ev'ry man,
When they come 'round for the rent, All you do is move your tent,
That's the way they do it in Soudan.

They've a dance that baffles all description,
It's not Egyption [sic]
You're going to have a treat.
You can describe it as coniptian[sic],
They dance with everything except their feet.

In Soudan, In Soudan, Ev'ry Sultan on his throne
Has a Harem all his own,
When they see him wave his hand, They wiggle to beat the band,
In Soudan, They've been dancers since the world began,
Shimmy artists they'd not make, But there're other things they shake,
That's the way they do it in Soudan.

In Soudan, In Soudan, They have native B.V.D's
Made of leaves from bamboo trees,
They look like a burlesque show, Whevever breezes blow,
In Soudan, They believe in saving when they can,
When they want to put on style, They just wear a bigger smile,
That's the way they do it in Soudan.