Abe Olman & Rudy Wiedoeft
Abe Olman & Rudy Wiedhoeft
Forster Music Pub. Co., Inc.
Cover Artist
J. H. Dulin
Is the title with a "k" intended to be more exotic, or was this translated from a German original?

Once again, the male figure is a nameless "desert man."

Stars that gently glow in the skies,
Remind me of her eyes,
While moonbeams fill me
With yearning[s] that thrill me,
It seems that I hear her sighs,
But a voice comes stealing,
E'er the new moon's rise.

There are eyes that are watching for my karavan,
Across the desert sand
They look for me,
and seem to say "Somebody's lonely"
there were sighs On the day my journey first began,
That's why I hurry,
I know that she waits for me,
There are arms that are waiting with a fond caress,
Two lips that long to press my lips and say,
Ev'ry day while you left me here to yearn,
I have pray'd for your return,
Desert man, in your Karavan.

I have wandered far far away
But nevermore I'll stray,
My heart has sighed for
While my soul has cried for
My love ev'ry weary day,
But a voice comes stealing
And it seems to say.