Artee Fleming
Nordyke Publishing Company, Hollywood, CA

Many, many years ago in a far off distant land lived a king named Tut.
He was wonderful and great, He was glorious and grand was this king named Tut;

I am told he loved a maiden who did not love him,
Love was just the same those days as 'tis now.
Hist'ry says he killed his wife to satisfy her whim,
Fools were just the same those days as they are now.

Dream on, King Tut, dream on, Oh, Tut!
For the sun still shines and the Nile still flows down in Egypt's ancient land,
Mistress Sp[h]inx still smiles in her weird way, That we can't understand,
Old Tut still sleeps in his golden tomb,
His treasures piled in his funeral room,
His people dead and his kingdom gone,
But the world keeps moving on,
Sleep on! Oh, Tut! Sleep on!