Eddie Green
Clarence Williams Music Publishing Co., New York

Way over in Egypt
Diggin' down in the ground
Of all the surprises,
What do you think they found?
They found the name of old King Tut
Who had long since been dead,
He had a lot of writing on the wall
and here is what the writing said:

Old King Tut he had the weary blues,
Nothing else but the dreary old weary blues,
In his land he ruled alone,
Ev'rything that happened they carved on stone;
He had to have a wagon to bring in the daily news.
There was something else they saw,
Old King Tut had a moth'r-in-law,
And carved in the wall they found Old King Tut's Blues.

King Tut's wife was like a willow reed,
King Tut said,"She's just the gal I need,
She is long a tall and she is surely built for speed."

King Tut's bed held sixteen folks or more,
Made of stone it got the King's back sore,
So he gave it to his wife and he slept on the floor.