William Carleton Robey
W. C. Robey
From the website typescript in the Library of Congress, "Li Hung Chang's Reception: a burlesque comedy in 1 act" by William Carleton Robey. (19 pp.) Characters in the cast include Li Hung Chang, Bismark (a German Prince in disquise [sic]), Gold Bug (A sporty boy from the tenderloin), Silver Fry (A rival of Gold Bugs), and Rose, Violet and Pansie (three good fellows).

We are making preparations now for Li Hung Chang
Li Hung Chang
You must do just what he tells you if you don't you'll hang
Li Hung Chang
Ever[y]body's asking as you pass them by
If Li Hung Chang, then who hung Li
When he comes to look you over you must bow and loudly cry
Li Hung Chang

We're ladies of the Harem We're up to every trick
We'll sail away to China with a Chinese Irish mick
We'll be the old man's darling you'll hear the tom tom clang
With a loud hoorah We'll sail away along with Li Hung Chang.