The Sheik of Alabam
Milton Ager
Jack Yellen
Eddie Cantor
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, Inc.
Make It Snappy
Cover Artist
Frederick S. Manning; Wohlman
This sheik is a "culud" (i.e."colored") man from the state of Alabama. Fletcher's Castoria was a children's tonic and laxative. The Wohlman cover was used to feature stars other than Eddie Cantor: Miss Patricola, Grace Hayes, Maureen Englin, Martha Pryor, George Price and Florence Brady each appear on separate covers in the collection.

Listen, sisters and brothers, I suppose you've heard of the Sheik;
They say that he's the lovin' champ,
There ain't a woman he can't vamp,
But let me tell you About a man I know:
He's the greatest of lovers Ever kissed a gal on the cheek.
There ain't a high-brown gal in town
Who wouldn't throw her daddy down
To be the bride of this culud [sic] Romeo.

People call him Lovin' Sam, He's the Sheik of Alabam'
He's a mean love-makin', a heart-breakin' man!
And when the gals go strollin' by, Boy! he rolls a wicked eye!
Does he step? Does he strut?
That's what he doesn't do nothin' else but!
Could you love like Lovin' Sam
You could have your eggs and ham
In the finest kitchens down in Alabam'
You'd make the high-brown babies cry for ya
Like babies cry for Castoria!
They all love Lovin' Sam,
The Sheik of Alabam'!

Ev'ry husband and lover Better take a bit of advice;
Of course they say advice is cheap,
But if your gal you aim to keep,
Then here's my warnin', And you can pass it on:
Keep your gal under cover
Sure as there's a deuce on the dice,
If Lovin' Sam gives her the grin,
Then you is out and Sam is in
And in the mornin' Your lovin' mama's gone!