Victor Herbert
Harry B. Smith
M. Witmark & Sons
From the comic opera "The Tattooed Man" (1907).

A MIDI version of the music is online at www.halhkmusic.com/tattooed.html.

In the torrid depths of Sahara wild,
In that desert grim and lone,
Lives the Giant Djin, He's brimful of sin,
In a Kingdom of his own,
His eyes are fire, His voice is dire,
Tho' he wears a smile so bland,
To welcome the one who's lost his way,
In the desert of arid sand.

It's hist and hark!
Beware! Keep dark!
With bated breath,
As still as death,
Or he'll over take you,
Don't even sneeze,
Climb the nearest trees,
Beware! The terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible Djin.

When the camel toils in that land accursed,
In the distance may be seen,
An oasis fair in the sunlit air,
An oasis fresh and green.
As you draw near, 'Twill disappear,
The mirage that lures your band,
Then you hear the laughter of the Djin,
And you're lost in Sahara's sand.