Gerald Arthur
Harold Robe
G. Ricordi & Co., New York
This song is another example of the "orient" including South Asia with specific references to Indian/Hindu temples and dancers.

Deodars are cedar trees.
Hindustan ["Hindu Land" in Persian] refers to north central India.
Jakko Hills are in the Simla District of India, some 200 miles north of Delhi.

Lotus Flow'r, how the days and years roll by,
Flow'rs and Kisses all sweet just live to die,
Once they have shared some gloomy day
Given their best and passed away
Played their part dear obeying Life's Great Pow'r!
Temple Bells ringing, Nautch girls singing
Back in old Hindustan
Night birds were crying,
Deodars sighing
Tunes of that Eastern land
Mystic charms found us
In their spell bound us
Under the Jakko Hill
All nature held us,
To love compelled us,
Minding their Master Will!
Lotus Flow'r with your breath of love, divine,
Your kiss lingers to haunt me through all time
Warm as the Eastern Sunset glow,
Pure as the Himalaya's Snow,
Years of Life, dear,
We lived in one sweet hour
My Lotus Flowe'r!!!