Selim's Complaint
Mr. Hook
B. Carr's Musical Repositories, Philadelphia & New York

Night o'er the world her cutain hung
The vale was silent, late so gay,
The bird of night melodious sung
Her anthem at departing day,
When Selim on a bank reclin'd
beneath a spreading willow tree
Thus spoke the feelings of his mind,
Oh! Lucy, shed one tear for me.

Yes, had I all that heaven could give
W[h]ere my possessions rich and great
Then for my Lucy would I live
Then at her feet a suppliant wait
But since hard poverty's my lot
No hope remains to wed with thee
Thy beauties ne'er can grace my cot
Oh! Lucy shed one tear for me.

Depriv'd of all that life could bless
The torment life no more I crave
The hour that offers happiness
Is that which marks my hapless grave
Be each fond wish enjoy'd of thine
May heaven protect and comfort thee
The turf must press this head of mine
Oh! Lucy shed one tear.