Mary Earl
Ballard MacDonald
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., New York
Cover Artist
Amadeo Simonetti
It would be difficult to compact so many mistakes about the role of prayer in Islam into one song, but here they are:

-Offering an intercessory prayer to Mohammed as if he were Jesus Christ or some Christian saint.
-Praying facing the rising sun/east as a substitute for the qibla/direction of prayer.
-Praying with arms upraised.
"Mary Earl" was a pen name of Robert Keiser (a.k.a. Robert A. King) who also composed "Beautiful Ohio" and "Dreamy Alabama."

Kneeling beneath the palms,
To you I raise my arms,
Facing the East to greet the rising sun,
Hear my pray'r, oh! Holy One,
My soul with grief is torn,
My heart is all forlorn,
For my love is far away
In his caravan today,
Mohammed, to you I pray:

Where the golden desert sands are burning
There my thoughts to him are ever turning,
Spare him all the perils of the journey,
For he is all that earth and heaven hold for me, Mohammed;
When the silver desert moon is beaming,
When the glist'ning stars above are gleaming,
Then throughout the night of him I'm dreaming,
Oh! Mohammed, guard my love for me!

Moonlight brings sweetest dreams,
For in my arms he seems,
Yet when I wake to clasp my lover tight
With the dawn he's taken flight.
My heart is filled with sighs,
And tears have dimmed my eyes,
I'm as lonely as can be--
Won't you bring him back to me,
Mohammed, Oh! hear my plea: