A. M. Zinn
A. M. Zinn
Library of Congress has this in ms.; it is the Opening Chorus from "Sultan of Morocco."

Oh, the pleasures of the Harem we do sure enjoy,
Pleasures of the orient that ne'er our senses cloy.
Lounging, idly dreaming,
While the moon is beaming,
Watch the cigarette smoke a-curling in gauzy ringlets,
daintily, lazily up toward the sky.

Nought to do all day but our pasha with love beguile,
To hold his affection we must keep in style,
We must preserve our charms,
Quite right, or come to harm,
Therefore try to be dutiful
Let us paint and powder beautiful.

2nd Chorus:
Here's to America
Where men are good and true,
Where they are strong in battle,
Yet tender when they woo.
No nation can compare,
So by my flag I swear,
Where woman rules the land!
[2nd ending: Where woman rules and men are brave, America!]