Sigmund A. Romberg
Harold Atteridge
Winter Garden Co.
In the chorus the pun on "wedding [a]isle" is a cross-cultural mishmash.

In the 1917 Bryan/Tierney "Cleopatra" the first verse has the same play on words about Mark Anthony being a "mark."

Cleopatra found a "Mark" one day they say
Ev'ry night they would spoon and spark
They would coo when the night was dark
Mark found quickly that his heart had flown away
Folks soon found out he had it badly
For he'd look at his queen so sadly
And he'd say "I love you so madly, my dearie."

My Cleopatra girlie
My heart is very twirly
When down he river you came arowing
Oh you charmer!
Then you had me going
If you bestow sweet glances,
I'd do Egyptian dances
If you'd give me a smile, dear,
Even use the wedding Isle, dear,
For my Cleopatra Girl.

Cleopatra loved to have the scen'ry set
With her veil she'd create a style
It was part of the game with her
Ev'ryone thought she was just the real one real bet
Mark thought she was the sweetest daisy
And his heart started jumping crazy,
When the moon was mellow and hazy, he'd tell her.