Milton E. Schwarzwald
Edward Beck
Jerome H. Remick & Co.

Far off where the lonely caravan winds on its way
In that distant desert land,
Proud Sheik dreaming of his sweetheart who is waiting there
Far o'er the desert sands, He'll forget the desert's whirl
When he meets his Oriental Girl. My

Oriental Girl, Oriental Girl,
A face that's so entrancing
And eyes with fire dancing
A form that keeps you glancing all the while
O'er the desert wide
Come to my side
Let me protect you
So no one will get you
Be my Oriental Bride.

Night winds seem to whisper of his love so far away
Stars remind him of her eyes,
Still he knows to meet her he must journey night and day
And that is why he sighs, But tho' the desert may be wide,
Soon he'll see his Oriental Bride. My