Edw. B. Claypoole
Harry B. Smith
The Manhattan Music Company
Nearly A Hero
Cover Artist
Gene Buck
More misplaced geography: the Sahara is in Arabia.

Far in the desert of Arabia There was a Bedouin band
Whose chief was full of sand.
He loved as Oriental beauty prize And she had midnight eyes
As bright as stars that gem the skies.
Each night when darkness was upon the land
That Bedouin chief would ride To see his dusky bride.
For just one glance of those Oriental eyes was Paradise
To his Sahara belle In song his love he'd tell.

Come, my Arab lady,
Where the palms are shady.
Hasten to my side,
While the stars are beaming
On the sands agleaming
Swiftly we will ride
You and I, dear, only
Will not find it lonely,
In my tent we'll dwell
Happy we shall be
In the desert life so free,
My own Sahara belle.

Now in the desert of Arabia There is a cosy [sic] tent
For which they pay no rent
And there they live a very lazy life No neighbors hear the strife
Of this devoted man and wife
Each day he takes her for a camel ride
Life has its ups and downs In deserts as in towns.
At night beneath the Oriental moon he'll croon the tune
She used to know so well
To his Sahara belle.