James Walter
Jack Yellen
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein, Inc.

Down where the crescent moon is shining on a lonely road to Cairo,
Down where the magic Lotus flower charms your sorrows all away,
There it was I gazed into the brightest eyes I know;
There another Cleopatra led my heart astray.

'Neath Egyptian skies,
Egyptian eyes softly whisper'd "Love me"
And at their command
To loving arms so tender I surrender'd,
Lips like the hot sands burning
Left in my heart a yearning
For another hour in that love bow'r,
'Neath Egyptian skies.

Life cannot hold a sweeter recollection than the love she gave me,
The desert turned to Paradise while I was resting in her arms,
From the land of dreams her mem'ry comes back to enslave me;
With a longing for her mystic Oriental charms.