Earl Carroll & Harry Carroll
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.

Egypt! I am crying,
Egypt! I am sighing,
For you hold a treasure that I cannot forget,
In Egypt Someone's awf'ly lonely,
Someone wants me only,
Under the golden palms where we first met:

'Neath the shadow of the Pyramids,
Somebody's waiting, Somebody's sad,
Where the great, red moon is shining,
Where the desert breeze is whining like my heart is pining,
River Nile, please flow away,
Carry a message to my own, and say,
That my love shall last until the Spinx has passed,
'Neath the shadow of the Pyramids.

Cairo! I remember,
Cairo in September,
And the tears are falling like the rain from above,
In Cairo, Some day I will meet you,
Some day I will greet you,
Under the Eastern star that shines for love: