Richard E. Fidler
John Waldron Jr.
The Scarlet Mask Club [Ohio State University]
This is the title song from the Ohio State University student production with a book by James Thurber '19.

The same people wrote "Arami" in this show.

Now, I don't like to crow,
But a thousand years ago,
When I held forth in Nashipur,
I was a well-known character;
With a girlie on each knee,
We had gay repartee,
Now, all my friends will testify
I was a wonderful guy;

Oh my! Omar,
You were a wonderful guy,
Way back, so far,
How you could versify.
You had the dope on the women and song,
Altho' with the wine, you often went wrong;
Oh my! Omar!
Give us your recipe,
We'll pay you any fee,
Oh my! Omar!
What a wonderful like you lead,
Oh my! Omar!
You can be glad you're dead;
You were the oriental ladies pet,
Now you're the name of a cheap cigarette,
Oh my! Omar!
Oh my! Omar!