Raymond Hubbell
Glen MacDonough
T. B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter

When Antony came 'round to see His loving Cleopat
A regular Roman dude was he With his sword and his little tin hat.
And she'd be dressed all in her best From over shoes to crown.
Then over the Nile they'd idly drift In the dark far away from the town.
And wreathed in smiles were the crocodiles, The flamingoes, too, wore a grin,
As Antony, oh, so tenderly A serenade this would begin.
This sort of thing would float up from their boat.

All aboard! In my tippy canoe for two
Through the shadowy dusk and dew,
We'll cuddle and woo and coo!
Far away We'll go for a wonderful while
Where the golden stars are shining,
On the shimering, glimmering Nile!