Kathleen Twomey, Peter Thomas & Lee Wainer
Broadcast Music, Inc.

From minarets a voice is calling.
It's time for evening prayer.
The caravans await the calling
across the desert air.
I wait under the palms,
so come to my arms, where

PURPLE PYRAMIDS along the Nile
have cast a spell around us two.
Through the starlit night we're gliding while
the thrill of love is born anew.
PURPLE PYRAMIDS enclosed with dreams;
so many secrets they have known.
Vows are made when moonlight softly gleams.
To you I give my heart alone.
Lovers a thousand years ago
have loved the same way we love tonight
Sailing until the moon is low;
the same desert stars in sight.
And though there's a mystery around us here,
on us the heavens seem to smile.
Love like ours will last forever, dear,
like the Pyramids along the Nile.