Sigmund Romberg & Al Jolson
Harold Atteridge
G. Schirmer

Gather thou, hark ye how,
A a a stranger now is sought,
Who to Bagdad brought
Dancing which he thought,
Hear ye all, heed the call
A a a rag-lad's in Bagdad,
Gay the town and glad,
Not of woe or sadness.

That rag, that dancing rag-lad,
Rag mad, he made all Bagdad.
Oh! so full of pep,
With each Jaz[z]y step,
That Rag, Rag-lad of Bagdad
Some schwabble and a hobble loose
He introduced;
The slave girls going to their baths,
Dance that ols Arabian Jazz,
Rag Mad, he made Bagdad,
that raggy lad.