My Sweet Sahara Jane
Egbert Van Alstyne
Harry Williams
Jerome H. Remick & Co.
The varieties of Turkish-blend cigarettes had become very popular (Camels, Moguls, etc.) and even then there were concerns about the effects of smoking on one's health (cf. "Cleopatra" by Al Jolson, where she dies from smoking Mogul cigarettes).

The bumpy ride on a camel is preferable to the ride on the Erie Railroad.

In the land of pyramids
Lived a sweet Egyptian maid,
Dreamy eyes and drooping lids
Where the desert sunlight played
And every evening in that caravan
There was a man, young Texas Dan.
When she'd dismount to her camel he ran,
Then along the sand they'd stray
And in the moonlight clear and bright,
He'd hold her hand and say.

My sweet Sahara, Sara, sweet Sahara Jane,
I don't know your name, but this goes just the same,
By every camel's hair I swear that I'll be square
with my sweet Sahara, Sara Jane.

If you roll my cigarettes,
I'll smoke one with every breath,
And I'll never have regrets
If I smoke myself to death
But you must ride on a camel said she
Will you agree and then said he,
That's better dear, than the Erie for me,
And I'd ride on that for you
The maiden sighed and blushed with pride,
As he replied, that's true.