Will F. Handorf
H. G. Jennings
Jennings and Handorf, Toronto

The cover shows the "castle of make-believe" as an Ottoman mosque set within a fortress on a hill, the whole dream rising from a genie's lamp. "Dedicated to Julie & Jay J. Allen."


Oft' I dream of happy childhood lore,
Dear old days of wildwood I adore,
Days of gladness That were fairy land to me.
And when now these mem'ries filter,
Fairies good are heard to whisper,
There's a land of many shadows
In this world of mystery, so dear heart

Let's take a trip to my Shadowland,
Where the lights are low and the world's serene;
We will live in castles of make-believe,
I as your prince and you my queen.
Our romance leads to a thousand seas,
And o'er the burning sands,
With music gay, we'll go ev'ry day
To that wonderful, beautiful land.

Kings they have their sceptres, pow'rs untold,
Millionaires their mansions, gems and gold,
Worldly treasures that were never meant for me,
But Shakespeare says I'm an actor,
On life's stage a leading factor,
Here to play my part with you, dear,
As we do in Shadowland, so dear heart