On The Nile
Sam Marley & Billy Heagney
M. Witmark & Sons

In a big Tobacco Factory-ee, Sophie's work was not satisfactory-ee,
For instead of rolling Trophies All the time was spent of Sophie's
At the Dance Egyptian you will see-ee,
Each Oriental twist She could simply not resist,
So one fine day she sailed away And I'm here to whisper this,

She "Gypped" ev'rybody down in Egypt,
When she landed there she had
those natives beat a mile, for style.
When she did the simplest movement,
It showed improvement of those on the Nile, while
They paid heavy dough whenever she played
Ev'ry time she wiggled All the Bohunks wore a smile
Poor Sophie's hand for the coin was itchin'
She took 'em all like Grant took Richmond,
She "Gypped" Egypt on the Nile.

From the land of Pyramids she's sailing, And a lot of postal cards she's mailing,
Her name's now Queen Borealis, She'll play three weeks at the Palace
With her maids and fourteen yards of veiling,
Press agents will declare, "She is right from Over There,"
But all the hicks from Fact'ry Six, Who worked with her declare:

She "Gypped" ev'rybody down in Egypt,
By the pyramid she claimed relation to the Spinx, that minx,
Her stage door was lined with princes,
She won those quinces with her naughty winks-ginks!
Their gifts piled higher than the sand drifts,
Sophie wore a string of Di'monds and a roguish smile,
They never knew the she learned that f[l]irty
Dance from an East Side hurdy gurdy,
She "Gypped" Egypt on the Nile.

Now in her Stutz as she rolls 'round gaily,
She thinks of butts that she once rolled daily,
She "Gypped" Egypt on the Nile.