Gould and Wallace, Seattle, Wash.
Joe Wallace & Raymond Gould
One of the few songs to mention Allah.

Down by the Red Sea lives a pretty maiden fair,
She's Oriental, eyes of beauty rare,
When strolling with her 'neath the stars
As the moon swings low,
'Tis then all of life's dull cares
Vanish in the glow.

Shine on, shine on dear old dreamy Oriental moon,
Stray beams peeping through
Clouds of silv'ry hue,
Lotus flowers
Nodding in the moonlit bowers,
Sing to me again that quaint old Oriental strain,
When you give me your hand
As the good Allah planned,
Then we'll drift o'er the sand
In my big caravan,
'Neath the dreamy Oriental moon.

Soft breezes blowing o'er the Oriental land,
Moonbeams are glist'ning on the shifting sand,
Stars gleaming gently in the skies,
Twinkling o'er the plain,
'Tis then looking in her eyes I sing this refrain.