Teddy Powell
Leonard Whitcup
Edward B. Marks Music Corporation

THE SNAKE CHARMER from old Bagdad
Learned how to jam, he would swing like mad,
Soon his snakes were nervous wrecks,
They got kinks in all their necks,
Hot licks made his bus'ness bad,
Still he went on his merry way,
How they'd laught when he'd start to play,
Long as they let him swing he didn't care;
And tho' he never made a cent
Playing tunes on his instrument,
Soon his name was the toast of ev'ry harem.
Sheiks knew he was in demand
So they decreed he should lead a band;
Now he's weaving magic spells
Jammin' in the swell hotels,
THE SNAKE CHARMER from old Bagdad.

THE SNAKE CHARMER from old Bagdad
Found out that swing was the newest fad;
Ev'ry night beneath the moon
He would practice on a tune,
He drove all his neighbors mad,
Tho' his friends tried to make him stop,
Told him Swing was a total flop,
He kept on playing rhythm just the same;
'Til at last came the lucky day
When his swing made the Sultan sway,
From then on ev'ryone knew he was famous,
Now he's got a million fans
Owns ev'ry band in the caravans
And he's making plenty dough
Jammin' on the radio,
THE SNAKE CHARMER from old Bagdad.