George W. Chadwick
Thomas Bailey Aldridge
Arthur P. Schmidt & Co.
Music also by Violette A. Hembling, copyright 1934 Violette A. Hembling [composed 17 June 1929]

O sad are they who know not love,
But far from passions tears and smiles,
Drift down a moonless sea
Beyond the silv'ry coasts of fairy Isles.

And sadder they whose longing lips
kiss empty air and never touch
The dear warm mouth of those they love.
Waiting, wasting, suffering much,

But clear as amber, fine as musk,
Is life to those who pilgrim-wise
Move hand in hand From dawn to dusk,
Each morning nearer Paradise.

O not for them shall angels pray;
They stand in everlasting light,
They walk in Allah's smiles by day
And nestle in his heart by night.