Lt. Daniel N. Murdock
Lt. Thomas H. Marnette
North Africa
From Edgar A. Palmer, ed. G. I. Songs (New York: Sheriden House, 1944) pp. 102-105.

"In December, 1942, Lt. Murdoch wrote his parents:'The full moon is around again! You can't beat these nights--anywhere! Moroccan Moonlight!--a good song title, huh? Which reminds me: a Lieutenant here had a brainstorm, a one-verse ditty. I compounded him a tune, and the darn thing is growing into an epic. Two bits, she becomes as famous as "Mademoiselle from Armentieres!" On August 11, 1943, Lt. Mudoch was killed in action in Sicily." [p. 105]

Now every young Yank
Who was in Casablanc'
Knows Stella, the Belle of Fedela
A can of "C"-ration
Will whip up a passion
In Stella, the Belle of Fedela.

This Arabic honey
Has no use for money,
She sprurns even five hundrred franc notes.
In order to win her
Just buy her a dinner,
It's much more effective than banknotes!