Clarence A. Stout
Pace & Handy Music Co., Inc., New York
One of the genre of western male longing for his Oriental lady, in this case a "sweet dusky maid," that may indicate the lyricist was African-American.

In a land that's far away
I chanced to stray
One wondrous day.
It was near the river Nile
Sweet dusky maid won me by her smile
In those Oriental eyes
That seemed to haunt me
And tantalize
Tho' I'm miles and miles away
I'm going back some day.

Suez, Suez,
I hear you softly calling
Those mem'ries haunting,
Your vision taunting.
It's you I'm wanting day be day.
Suez, Suez,
Tell me your love is true
Just to hold you in my loving arms
I'm coming back to you.

Memories are haunting me
Of golden hours I spent with thee,
Caravan that wends its way
On 'cross the sands of yesterday.
You're the idol of my dreams
I'll worship you, my desert queen
I'll be drifting back some day
And never have to say.