Strauss and Newport
Capitol Steps skit of the Bush family discussing Iraq

Tune: "Walk Like A Man" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Published on homepage for 4 Nov. 2002 in MP3 and Realplay formats.

Reported in NYTimes, 11/3/02, p.YNE20:"Campaign Season" by David E. Rosenbaum

George W.:

Oh I'm on a roll,
I still have sky-high polls,
The Democrats insist that things are bad,
To keep all the headlines
Off economic deadlines,
Here's some advice from dear old Dad:

George H. W.

"Talk 'bout Saddam, much as you can,
Talk 'bout Saddam, my son,
If you act now, they'll forget the Dow,
So talk 'bout Saddam, my son."

George W.:

Tom Daschle's a baby,
Says, "Don't attack and maybe
The UN will soon address Iraq."
Saddam starts preparing,
'Cause Fox will soon be airing
A show called "When Presidents Attack."

George H. W.:

"Talk 'bout Saddam, much as you can,
You know what you must do.
When you are through, I hope it works for you
Much better than '92."