From American Patriotic Song Book.

Ye tars of Columbia, the trumpet of fame,
Thro' the world your actions shall loudly proclaim,
See Liberty's genius in triumph arise,
Recording your deeds as she mounts thro' the skies.

Whilst at the hostile shore,
Where thund'ring cannons roar,
The note of each brave tar shall be,
Not tribute but glory,
We'll die or be free.

The brave sons of freedom who fell in the cause,
Supporting our rights, Independence and laws,
As actions of heroes, by history are grac'd.
First shall Somers, Decatur, and Wadsworth be plac'd.

See Preble exalted, a monument stand!
Surrounded by heroes, who under his command,
On Tripoli's tyrant their vengeance have hurl'd,
And the deeds of Columbians resound thro' the world.

May Washington's genius our country defend,
And that charter maintain which freedom has penn'd,
But should tyranny dare our rights to invade--
By our tars shall the daring attempt be repaid.