Carmen Lombardo & John Jacob Loeb
Shapiro, Berstein & Co.
Arabian Nights
From the musical "Arabian Nights" produced by Guy Lombardo.

The oriental genie uses the western magical phrase "hokus pokus," which derives from a Protestant caricature of the Latin "Hoc est corpus meum" in the Roman Catholic mass with the addition of "Dominus"/"Lord" altered to match the internal rhyme scheme.

[Vamp by "Big Genie"]
Genie, Genie, Teeny Weeny Genie.

CHORUS: [by "Teeny Weeny Genie"]
I'm just a Teeny Weeny Genie
Folks call me Mister Two by Two
I'm just a Teeny Weeny Genie,
but I'll take your wish and make your wishes all come true.
I'm just a pocket sized Houdini
Of all magicians I'm the champ
I'm just a Teeny Weeny Genie
who's been hiding and residing in Aladdin's lamp.
If you want a villa for your mother
All at once that villa will appear
A baby camel for your little brother
Hokus, Pokus, Dominocus,
Look what we have here!
So talk to your Teeny Weeny Genie
Here's what I'd say if I were you
"Nice little Teeny Weeny Genie,
won't you take my wish and make my wishes all come true"
'Cause if you do, I'll make the most tremendous,
most stupendous wish you wish come true.